launch a vaccine that reduces treatment time by 75%

launch a vaccine that reduces treatment time by 75%

He UK National Health System (NHS) announced on Tuesday the implementation of a new vaccine against certain types of cancer that reduces treatment time even in a 75%.

The Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) authorized for patients in the United Kingdom the use of the first subcutaneous injection of an anti-PD-(L)1 cancer immunotherapyknown as Tecentriq SC (atezolizumab) and developed by Roche, which demonstrated a effectiveness Unprecedented with an administration time that lasts just seven minutes. By comparison, the conventional intravenous treatments usually require between 30 and 60 minutes to be managed.

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Immunotherapy Tecentriq SC will be available to patients with certain types of cancerincluding lung, bladder, breast and liver.

Maintaining the best possible quality of life for cancer patients is vitalso the introduction of faster subcutaneous injections will mark a important difference“he said in a statement. peter johnsonnational director of Cancer of the nhs.

The official said that the worldwide introduction of this treatment will mean that hundreds of patients will be able to spend less in the units of chemotherapy of the nhs.



“Manage Tecentriq subcutaneously now offers patients a choice of faster and more flexible treatmentand can free up resources for health systemswhile maintaining your established security profile“He maintained, for his part, Levi Garrawaydirector of medical and global product development at Roche.

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The announcement comes as part of the efforts of the nhs to provide patients with options for more comfortable and efficient treatment.

The approval and launch of this cancer vaccine does not entail no additional cost for the NHS, thanks to a drug pricing agreement five years negotiated with the pharmaceutical industry.

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This initiative joins other recent innovations in the field of medical attentionas the Phesgo cancer vaccine introduction in 2021which proved reduce significantly the treatment times and went well received by patients.

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