Europe Minister: Ukraine will ultimately win the war

Europe Minister: Ukraine will ultimately win the war
President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelenskyy and his wife visit a memorial made in honor of Ukrainians who fell during the war.

“The combat prowess, economic clout and political will of those supporting Ukraine are clearly such that this points to long-term success.” However, it will probably take time, said the conservative politician on the sidelines of the European Forum Alpbach to the APA.

“We have to be realistic in our expectations. We can’t expect spectacular results. But what we can do is enable them to continue their fight,” said the former Veterans Affairs Secretary, himself a member of the British Army in Iraq and Afghanistan was in use. “It’s a brutal war of attrition in some ways, but that shouldn’t stop us from continuing to support Ukraine wholeheartedly.”

“War of Attrition of Disinformation”

Docherty sees a certain danger that at some point a kind of tiredness could set in among the supporters of Ukraine. He also spoke of a “war of attrition of disinformation”: “Russia will try to present its actions as justifiable and hope that some countries will lose heart because of the economic consequences.”

So far, however, there has been no such fatigue in the UK: “It’s very interesting. There is unity across all political borders. The British public has of course suffered many consequences, but it’s really remarkable that they overwhelmingly support it. “

From the conservative politician’s point of view, the regularly published intelligence updates from the British Ministry of Defense on the course of the war could also be helpful, which are not only intended to counteract Russian disinformation, but are also part of a “policy of transparency”, as the minister responded to a question about the past Success of London’s publications said. “This is very important when it comes to global affairs and the delivery of hard, deadly aid and hard power,” said Docherty.

You have to give the British public as much transparency as possible. “They want to know what’s happening with their tax money. And you have to see that in the context of many years of potentially unsatisfactory entanglements in the Middle East, where the political lines were a lot less clear. I think we learned from that.”

Disinformation is “another front,” said Docherty. “And if our intelligence reports can dispel myths, then they should be used.”

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