Austrians drive more slowly to protect the climate

Austrians drive more slowly to protect the climate
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According to a survey by AutoScout24.at, Austrians drive more sparingly to protect the climate or even walk. Eight out of ten stated that they save fuel on the road, and seven out of ten do not go for walks. The car is also deliberately left behind and driven on foot, by bike or by public transport.

According to their own statements, reducing CO2 emissions is a concern for many. Every driver can contribute to this with an economical driving style – such as driving at low speeds. 80 percent are already doing this, and another twelve percent will do so in the future. Turning off the engine when the car is stationary is already being implemented by three quarters.

The interior temperature also affects fuel consumption. According to their own statements, two-thirds of drivers use the air conditioning sparingly, and 16 percent are considering integrating it into their everyday driving in the future. But not everyone is drawn to the idea of ​​sweating for the climate: for two out of ten respondents, forgoing comfortable temperatures in the set of wheels is not an option.

70 percent of those surveyed refrain from going for walks in their car for the sake of the climate. Women in particular (74 percent) take this measure (vs. men 62 percent). Likewise, the car is easy to replace for short trips. More than half of Austrians (54 percent) do not use their cars for such journeys.

Leaving the car at home is of course the most effective way to protect the climate. The Austrians see it the same way: at least two-thirds of those surveyed deliberately leave the car at one time or another for reasons of climate protection and cover the distance on foot. For the sake of the climate, 44 percent ride their bikes or use public transport every now and then.

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