The Bolivian government assured that Sebastián Marset is still a fugitive in that country

The Bolivian government assured that Sebastián Marset is still a fugitive in that country

The Vice Minister of Internal Affairs and Police of the government ministry from Bolivia, Johnny Aguilerahe was convinced that the narco Uruguayan He is still hiding in the country.

This Tuesday marked one month since Sebastian Marset was able to anticipate an operation by the Bolivian Police and escape with his partner, Gianina Garcia Trocheand his sons.

After this episode, the criminal released at least two videos through the media. In the first of them, he pointed out that he was able to escape thanks to a notice from the general director of the Special Force to Fight Drug Trafficking (Felcon), Ismael Tito Villcaand in the second he stated that he had already left Bolivia “a while ago”.

The comments of Sebastian Marset were dismissed by the Bolivian government authorities, who assured that he is trying to damage the credibility of the security forces and giving false clues about his whereabouts.

“It’s still in Bolivia, that’s why more resources are being established both in beni as in the city of Santa Cruz“Aguilera said in an interview conducted by the Bolivian channel Red Uno.

Bolivian police intensified the search for Sebastián Marset

Throughout Bolivia, several police operations were deployed trying to hunt down the drug trafficker, while the government of Chili intensified its search at border crossings with the South American country.

The criminal is also required by the Justice of Paraguayanwhen accused of sending the Paraguayan prosecutor to be killed Marcelo PeciWhen he was on vacation in Colombia.

Aguilera confirmed that the search by the Bolivian Police is also focused on the people who are presumed to have provided cooperation with Sebastian Marsetlike those already detained, Robert Arana and Rony Suarez, or who participated directly or indirectly in the criminal organization. “We are not going to rest until we find it,” concluded the deputy minister.

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