Steyr lifeguard loses his job

Steyr lifeguard loses his job
With a massive kick, the lifeguard throws the young man down from the ten-meter tower.
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This was agreed on Wednesday during a meeting between the management of Stadtbetriebe Steyr GmbH and the employee concerned. “The lifeguard is still on vacation and will no longer work for us,” said Stadtbetriebe Managing Director Peter Hochgatterer.

“Everyone involved, including the lifeguard, knew from the start that the behavior was unacceptable. The testimonies and the video only confirmed that. In this respect, the amicable termination of the employment relationship is a logical consequence,” Hochgatterer continued. The safety of the bathers is central to the city services, so the incident is “very regrettable”. The alleged victim has still not come forward.

At the same time, the case also concerns the police and the judiciary. According to the Steyr public prosecutor’s office, investigations are being carried out in the direction of coercion under Paragraph 105 (1) of the Criminal Code. “Anyone who forces another person to act, tolerate or refrain from doing something by using violence or dangerous threats shall be punished with imprisonment for up to one year or with a fine of up to 720 daily rates.

The fall of mid-August had also caused a great deal of excitement beyond the borders. As reported, numerous eyewitnesses had observed how the young bather stood on the ten-meter diving platform and apparently did not dare to jump. Since the tower was to be closed again at the time to open the area for swimmers, he was asked by two lifeguards to leave the area. When the guest didn’t comply, one of the two climbed the tower with him. Then there was probably an argument. Immediately after the incident, the lifeguard admitted to pushing the youth. He had initially received a verbal warning and was transferred. In the meantime he was on vacation. The employment relationship has now been terminated by mutual agreement.

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