the recent raking that showed a disturbing result

the recent raking that showed a disturbing result

A team of 300 people raked the Lake Ness in Scotland dividing it into 17 zones since the weekend, in what would be the largest search ever for the mythical monsterwith the result of “strange sounds” registered in some sectors.

For decades, one of the greatest mysteries that human beings have been trying to clarify is the existence of a creature about which much has been said: the loch ness monsterin the highlands of Scotland.

as reported National Geographica huge investigation has just come to an end, which recorded “strange sounds” captured by microphones, while the collected material is still under review.

One of the biggest complexities so that material that demonstrates the existence of the monster has not yet been found is the enormous extension through which it would move. The 39 kilometers long and about 240 meters deep they would allow the animal to camp at ease and make its visibility very difficult.


The greatest search for the Loch Ness monster

Saturday started in Scotland what is believed to be the greatest search for the monster called nessiewhose history goes back centuries and one of the first testimonies was that of an Irish monk who, in the year 564 ADdescribed the alleged animal attack.

Since then, the Loch Ness Center reports more than “a thousand sightings and statements” related to that creature, which was never finished registering.

Last weekend, members of the Loch Ness Center and a volunteer research team from loch ness exploration launched a device with about 300 people.

One of the main tasks was to travel the lake in various boats, as well as relying on drones that carried infrared cameras and microphones capable of detecting sounds under the depth of the sea, that is, hydrophones.

National Geographic reported that the device organized on this occasion is “the largest that has been prepared in the last 50 years” and said that “in 1969 a small submersible was used, which is certainly not the best way to approach an elusive creature” and that in 1987 “the last great search was carried out with 24 sonar-equipped boats that covered the entire surface of the lake without finding the mysterious creature.”


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