The prices of national products fell 2.78% so far this year

The prices of national products fell 2.78% so far this year
August 30, 2023 – 16:30

According to INE data, the decrease reaches 12.18% in the interannual comparison, driven by the agricultural sector.

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He Producer Price Index of National Products (IPPN) showed a decline of 2.78% so far this year, driven by the drop in the rural sector and the manufacturing industry, according to the National Statistics Institute (INE).

In turn, the IPPN, which contemplates items such as Agriculture, Livestock, Hunting and Forestry, Fishing, Mining and Manufacturing Industries, had an index of 267.11 and exhibited a fall of 0.57% during the month of August, with which it closed with a decrease of 12.18% in the interannual comparison.

Among the groups with the highest incidence in the monthly variation of IPPN the quote appeared dollar interbank, which was $37.79 on August 10, compared to $38.03 on the same day in July, which means a fall of 0.63%.


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The decline in the agricultural sector is sustained

Regarding the item Agriculture, Livestock, Hunting and Forestry, there was a decrease at the monthly level of 1.07%, with an incidence of -0.34% in the variation of the general index. When analyzing by subsection, animal husbandry was the one that drove the decrease, with a decrease of 1.72%.

Meanwhile, on a year-on-year basis, the prices of the agricultural sector, which continues in emergency, accumulate a significant fall, of the order of 22.66%, also driven by animal husbandry, whose variation was 29%.

For her part, the Manufacturing industry presents a monthly decrease of 0.33%, with an incidence of 0.23% in the variation of the general index. In turn, in the comparison with respect to the same period of 2022, the decrease reaches 6.29%.

The prices of the two minority items also registered decreases: it is that the Fishing it showed a fall of 0.34% in the month and has a negative variation of 0.04% year-on-year; while the values ​​of the Exploitation of Mines and Quarries they fell 0.39% in August, although they recorded a positive year, with a rise of 3.23%.

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