Uruguayan companies can start exporting sorghum to China

Uruguayan companies can start exporting sorghum to China

A total of 21 companies uruguayan were enabled for the export of sorghum toward China, both for human and animal consumption, as part of an agreement that began to take shape at the end of last year.

This was reported by the China General Administration of Customs (GACC), by publishing the list of national establishments that will be able to export this product, of which the Asian giant is the world’s largest importer.

In the midst of the need to deepen relations, from the Ministry of Livestock, Agriculture and Fisheries (MGAP) They specified that the possibility occurred “after intense negotiations”, which included “a virtual audit in all the links of the production chain of sorghum of our country”, such as production sites, storage, ports and official laboratories.

The portfolio that the minister carries fernando mattos highlighted that “the aforementioned publication of the list of exporters considers the previous phytosanitary negotiation approved and in this way the commercial flow remains open”.

The companies that were enabled are Mega Agro, Percoland, Cofco International Uruguay, Dufour Commodities, TGL Uruguay, Vilnaro, Agropick, Kilafen, Fadisol, Stabril, Mega Agro Trading, Panizza Miller, Grupo Lusso, ADM Uruguay, Nuevo Surco, Yalfin, Ganadera Sur, Copagran, LDC Uruguay, Estancia Gaucho OD and Bunge Uruguay.

In the country they expect a “productive increase”

Mattos kicked off the sorghum export in November 2022, when he signed with the Chinese Ambassador Wang Gang the protocol of phytosanitary requirements to place that product in the Asian country, at a time when trade between the two cooled down.

On the occasion, the owner of the MGAP defined it as “a very important step for the Uruguayan agriculture” and assured that the agreement would allow the diversification of the production of sorghum in different areas suitable for cultivation throughout the country.

The chief even dared to predict “a real possibility of productive increase in the Uruguay”, but also in the “increase in the commercial flow” with China.

Source: Ambito

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