Uruguay will promote its meats in France through the 2023 Rugby World Cup

Uruguay will promote its meats in France through the 2023 Rugby World Cup
August 30, 2023 – 19:33

The National Secretary for Sport, Sebastián Bauzá, assured that they will seek to give a good image of the product in the French market.

Photo: INAC

The National Secretary for Sport, Sebastian BauzáHe reported that Uruguay will promote its cuts of meat in France through the terosthe Uruguayan team of rugby who will participate in the Rugby World Cup 2023 to be held in that country between September 8 and October 28.

The Secretary of State announced today at a press conference held in the Charrua Stadium that Uruguayan meat will once again accompany a national team in the dispute of a major sporting event. “France It is a market that is interesting to promote and begin to work”, pointed out the former president of the Uruguayan Football Association (WOW) and from Bella Vista Athletic Club.

Bauzá, indicated that with the presentation of the meat products in front of several French businessmen, they will seek to “develop what business is between Uruguay and France“.

INAC prepared an event for “top level” European businessmen

Along the same lines, the president of the National Meat Institute (INAC), Conrad Ferberpointed out that “it is a joy to be able to accompany the Uruguayan Rugby Union (URU) at this event where we will be receiving top-level European businessmen, who are also opinion makers”.

Ferber maintained that “not only is it necessary to work directly with customers, but it is important that the high level of our meats is known.” He also pointed out that beyond the event, INAC will accompany the Uruguayan delegation with meat throughout their stay in France.

The executive director of the government agency Uruguay XXI, Sebastian Rissohighlighted the presence of Los Teros in the Rugby World Cup 2023 as a good opportunity to commercially position the country within the European nation, which has some 120 firms in the Uruguay.

Also participating in this announcement was the National Undersecretary of Sport, Paul Ferrari; the president of the Franco-Uruguayan Chamber of Commerce and Industry (CCI France Uruguay), Matias Saiz; and URU authorities.

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