Wolf regulation: court declares itself incompetent

Wolf regulation: court declares itself incompetent
The wolf is worrying.
Image: VOLKER Weihbold

In order to be able to shoot down “problem wolves”, which no longer shy away from the proximity to settlements, the state of Upper Austria issued an ordinance on exceptions for the year-round closed season for animals.

But that could represent a breach of EU law, as the Flora-Fauna Habitats Directive and the Aarhus Convention stipulate that recognized environmental organizations have the right to participate in the official process. The organization Tierschutz Austria (formerly the Vienna Animal Welfare Association), headed by Madeleine Petrovic, sees these rights as being violated. Unsuccessful, because the LVwG rejected the application and declared itself incompetent. “According to the Federal Constitution, the norm review monopoly clearly lies with the Constitutional Court,” says Stefan Herdega, spokesman for the LVwG.

Agricultural state councilor Michaela Langer-Weninger (VP) is responsible for the wolf ordinance. “We will consistently continue on our Upper Austrian path and are committed to agriculture and alpine farming,” she says. It’s about the safety of the citizens. This week the second wolf was released for shooting in Upper Austria.

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