The government denied changes in the tender and ratified the opening to private parties in Portland

The government denied changes in the tender and ratified the opening to private parties in Portland
August 30, 2023 – 21:09

The senator of the Colorado Party, Adrián Peña, pointed out that “September 12 will be the next stage and that is not going to change.”

the red senator Adrian Pena ratified that next September 12 will be the next stage in the bidding process for the opening of the private business of the portland, who drives today Ancap, noting that “that is not going to change, because it is a government decision.”

Grief thus responded to criticism from broad front, from which to question that there were “changes” in the specifications of the call that “notably decrease the demands.” As they understand in the opposition, this allows them to present offers “companies with less availability of resources, and therefore with less financial solvency.”

The legislator of Colorado party He spoke at a press conference about the criticism of the FA and defended the modification of the bases of the call for tenders. “It was done within the deadline and the possibilities are those changes for all bidders. All those who are going to offer have the same conditions, ”he insisted.

On the other hand, when defending the association of ancap with private companies in Portland, indicated that “20 years ago ancap it had more than 60% of the market and today it has less than 40%”. Along the same lines, he admitted that “there are competitors that did not exist and that are much more efficient, because they have an economy of scale and technology that allows them to work at much lower costs.”

The difficulties of the Portland business and the conflict with Fancap

When asked about the conflict with Fancap, Pena He acknowledged that it can “discourage and repel potential bidders.” He described the union’s forceful measures as “an element of distortion” and pointed out: “It worries us, we know that it is a strong union.”

However, he ratified the path chosen by the Executive. “The only possibility of the business of the portlands in ancap it is abroad and for there to be a market abroad there has to be a partner interested in that,” said the senator and clarified: “I don’t know if there will be, because it is a complicated business and it may be difficult to get that partner, but it seems necessary and it is essential to do so.

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