Young researchers quenched their thirst for knowledge in Steyr

Young researchers quenched their thirst for knowledge in Steyr
Minister Gewessler with young fellow students at the ornithological station (dmf)

No trace of holiday mood and idleness. Yesterday there was a lot going on at the educational campus in Steyr’s Wehrgraben on the occasion of the “20 years of children’s university in Upper Austria”. Whether on the large forecourt in the Museum of Working World or in the buildings of the University of Applied Sciences – many children and young people dealt with important topics of today and tomorrow in a playful and sometimes very serious way. From space travel to photovoltaics. From public transport to nature conservation.

In the movement department, the young students could let off steam with stand-up paddling on the Steyr or on the climbing wall and clear their heads for the next workshop dates. For the anniversary, Rector Andreas Kupfer welcomed many network partners, above all Environment Minister Leonore Gewessler (Greens). During a two-hour tour, she immersed herself alongside many children in the wide range of activities on the Campus of Curiosity and was positively surprised by the extensive knowledge of the young students.

“It is enormously impressive to see the energy, curiosity and creativity with which young people devote themselves to the issues of our time,” said the minister yesterday during her visit to Steyr. A young boy immediately demonstrated a photovoltaic element and said that his father had also installed a PV system on the roof at home. “So much life is really fun,” Gewessler said in parting.

In addition to the 20-year anniversary celebration and the open day on the Campus of Curiosity, the closing bell for the regular children’s university also rang yesterday with the big graduation ceremony. In Steyr alone, around 600 children and young people between the ages of five and 15 took advantage of the extensive lecture and workshop program over the past four days.

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