Uruguay will have a new bridge on the border with Brazil

Uruguay will have a new bridge on the border with Brazil

Brazil this Thursday called interested parties to tender for the construction of a second bridge over the yaguaron riverin addition to the iconic Baron de Mauá International Bridge that unites the border cities of branco river (long hill) with jaguarão (Rio Grande do Sul), with which the construction of a new crossing between the two countries advances.

The call for bidding for the binational work was confirmed to the mayor of Cerro Largo, Jose Yurramendiby the ambassador of Uruguay in Brazil, Guillermo Valles. Envelopes will be opened for their adjudication on October 16, as confirmed by the Minister of Transport and Public Works, José Luis Falero.

Yurramendi assured that this is “great news for the entire country,” and for the region that is comprised of the departments of Cerro Largo, Thirty-threeand rockwhich had its beginning in the agreement by the president Luis Lacalle Pou and his Brazilian counterpart Lula Da Silva.

Brazil advances in the dredging to concretize the waterway of the Merín lagoon

The department head, member of the National Partypraised the work of Ambassador Valles to make the opening of the tender for the future work a reality, as well as the dredging to specify the Merin lagoon waterway.

The mayor pointed out that, if everything goes normally, the work could begin during the first quarter of 2024, and would last approximately two years. In turn, he pointed out that the work “will boost labor and construction in that region.”

On the other hand, Yurramendi indicated that the tenders for the dredging of the Merín lagoon, and the ducks lagoon (Brazil), the two points established to specify the waterway of the Merín lagoon, would begin “during this year, to do the work next year.”

“When that materializes, progress can be made in everything that refers to the private works that are on it (river) Tacuari and some other works that may arise,” concluded the mayor of Cerro Largo.

Uruguay will take over the maintenance of the current bridge

From the MTOP They specified that the work will allow the diversion of heavy vehicles that pass through the bridge Baron of Maua, until now the only road connection between the two cities. According to Falero, the work will be financed by the brazilian administration and the uruguayan government will be in charge of covering the costs of the west bank accesses, with an estimated contribution of about 8 million dollars.

“The work is necessary since the Barón de Mauá bridge, which is currently used, is not prepared to withstand the loads that are being transported today. It has a useful life and an old design”, stated Falero.

For this reason, he maintained that “the intention is for it to become a local bridge for the circulation of light vehicles and for heavy transport to circulate on the new bridge. Finally, he highlighted that, once the work is finished, Uruguay will take care of the repair of the existing one, Barón de Mauá, which will also require about 8 million dollars.

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