New search for missing stand-up paddlers on Lake Wolfgang

New search for missing stand-up paddlers on Lake Wolfgang
Standup paddler (icon image)
Image: Christof STACHE / AFP

First, the shore areas and the lake area were flown over by the Upper Austrian air traffic police helicopter. The surface of the lake was flown over or searched from different heights, but this was negative. Subsequently, the primary search area was searched with a water rescue boat and with the assistance of three cadaver dogs from the service dog inspections in Linz and Salzburg, which resulted in two new areas that were then planned to be searched with a diving robot.

The search was started with the help of two ÖWR boats, whereby one area was ended negatively and the search in the second area had to be broken off at around 11 p.m. due to the approaching rain and the deteriorating weather, as otherwise there would be a risk to the functionality of the diving robot would have passed. The further search will therefore be carried out by small groups of water rescue.

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