Friendly protest: sunflowers against west clasp

Friendly protest: sunflowers against west clasp
Handing out sunflowers to get people talking
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“Hello, may I give you a sunflower?” In the past few weeks, passers-by in the old town of Steyr have been repeatedly addressed with these words by people with “burning” hats, most recently at the end of August. The reactions to this were quite varied – from “I’d love to, how do I get there?” everything was included, including demonstratively looking away. If someone showed interest, he or she soon found out where the blessing of flowers came from: namely, that on the day of distribution, members of the “Da Huat brennt!” went to harvest sunflowers. And that where the sunflowers are still blooming, the construction of the West Spange should begin in two years’ time. About 20 hectares of farmland would be destroyed for the construction of this transit road, which the initiative wants to prevent. A petition was started and the members are providing information about the background. “Most of the conversations are friendly and interesting, even if some remain skeptical and don’t want to sign against the western clasp,” says a member of “Da Huat brennt!”. Everyone would be happy about the flowers. So far, around 2,600 people have signed against the construction of the West Spange.

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