Unemployment: young adults as a problem group

Unemployment: young adults as a problem group
Those under 25 are much more likely to be unemployed.

Since spring, a significantly higher increase in unemployment among the under 25 year olds has been registered in Upper Austria than in the market as a whole. With more than 4,400 registered young adults, a preliminary peak was reached in August. The labor market service (AMS) Upper Austria reacts.

According to Iris Schmidt, state manager of the AMS, a package of measures will be launched in September to prevent young adults from becoming permanent customers of the AMS. It starts with career orientation from the first registration. “That doesn’t mean that these young people don’t have a professional qualification, but it should be clarified at an early stage whether the profession they have learned is the right one,” says Schmidt.

From the current point of view, no pattern can be identified among those affected, a large number of characteristics would come together: some wanted to look at a lot of different things, others had health, especially mental problems.

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In addition, the young unemployed would be offered company internships, and additional job fairs were held in October and November, at which companies and jobseekers were to find each other. The aim is also to address a second group that is increasingly affected: foreign workers. 10,000 registered unemployed means an increase of 20 percent in this segment. This group is hit first by the weakening of the economy because they are among the first to lose jobs or have to look longer if the selection of those willing to work increases again, says Schmidt.

4.1 percent unemployment rate

In general, the labor market in Upper Austria is still stable. A record level has been reached with 709,000 employees. More than 30,000 employable people are unemployed, six percent more than in the previous year. This corresponds to an unemployment rate of 4.1 percent, after 3.9 percent in August 2022. 28,500 vacancies correspond to a decrease of 18 percent compared to the previous year. Immediately before the start of the apprenticeship year, 800 people looking for an apprenticeship place face off against 2000 apprenticeship places that are immediately available.

Across Austria, 320,000 people are unemployed or in training. The unemployment rate is 6.1 percent.

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