The Dornbirn exhibition center is being modernized

The Dornbirn exhibition center is being modernized
This is what the mall should look like. (Trade Fair Park/Baumschlager Eberle)

Owner Guntram Drexel provided information this week about the “Messepark 3.0” project, which is also intended to create 300 new jobs. He also promised an improvement in the traffic situation. Vorarlberg communities have expressed concerns about the project.

The exhibition park was opened in 1987 at the entrance to the city. In 1997 the first conversion took place. According to the company, 19,000 square meters of retail space are currently being used, and in the future the maximum will be 22,200 square meters. Most recently, a turnover of around 195 million euros was achieved in 2022, with a space productivity of almost 10,300 euros per square meter, the exhibition center is one of the frontrunners in Austria. An average of 17,600 visitors are counted per day.

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