IS terrorist expands network while in custody

IS terrorist expands network while in custody
Apparently, Islamists could easily network in prisons.
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For this, the Austro-Islamist Lorenz K. (now 24 years old) was sentenced to nine years in prison. But instead of resocializing and deradicalizing himself, behind bars he is said to have continued to be part of a terrorist network and made numerous contacts.

At least these are the allegations made by the public prosecutor’s office in Graz in a new indictment against Lorenz K. According to this, the prisoner is said to have even given orders for murder using illegal mobile phones. This time he could face a life sentence.

Duo shared illegal cell phone

He is said to have had a cell right next to an Islamist from Georgia in the Stein prison. Both inmates even shared an illegal cell phone in custody. In order to prevent further contact with Islamist prisoners, Lorenz K. was then transferred to Graz. In the Karlau he worked as a domestic worker and immediately formed another “terror cell” with two inmates. He is said to have sent a WhatsApp propaganda video to a murderer in custody. According to the indictment in Graz, he also quickly established contacts with Abdelkarim Abu H., a Hamas supporter who had been sentenced to life imprisonment in Krems for attempting to incite assassination attempts. Both used a Telegram channel and an Instagram profile for their Islamist propaganda in prison.

Despite the new charges, the investigation has not yet been completed.

  • ZIB 1: IS terrorist expands network while in custody

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