the Nobel Foundation withdrew the invitation

the Nobel Foundation withdrew the invitation
September 2, 2023 – 17:49

The Nobel Foundation finally rectified its invitation to the 2023 edition to the diplomatic representatives of Russia, Iran and Belarus.

In sport, culture and now also in science: confrontations towards Russia for his invasion to Ukraine they continue beyond the military trenches. This Saturday, a new chapter was added when the organization of the Nobel Prize decided to withdraw the invitation that had been extended to the country’s ambassador in Swedenas well as the diplomatic representatives of Iran and Belarus.

The antecedent had already occurred in 2022, although on that occasion Iran yes he was invited. However, the controversy for this edition occurred when the nobel foundation had made the invitation to the ambassadors of the three countries, receiving immediate criticism and even threats from leaders of various political parties in Swedenwhere the ceremony is held, that they would boycott the awards ceremony, which will take place in December.

“We acknowledge the strong reactions in Sweden“, the organization said in a statement, which pointed out that “for this reason we chose to repeat last year’s exception to the usual practice, that is, not to invite the ambassadors of Russia, Belarus and Iran to the delivery ceremony Nobel Prize in Stockholm“.

five out of six Premius Nobel, the most prestigious in different areas of scientific knowledge, are delivered in the Swedish capital after a nomination process that has been kept secret for 50 years. The only exception is the Nobel Peace Prize, which is awarded in Oslothe main city of Norway.

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