The technical stop of La Teja begins this Monday

The technical stop of La Teja begins this Monday
September 3, 2023 – 11:12

Marked by a strong union claim that decided not to work overtime, Ancap begins the shutdown of the refinery.


The Federal Council of Civil Servants National Administration of Fuels, Alcohol and Portland (Ancap) finally resolved not to work overtime during the La Teja technical stop which will start this Monday and will cost the company $800,000 per day.

The president of Ancap, Alejandro Stipanicic, assured that the decisions of the union will generate cost overruns, which will have to be absorbed by the company, generating that they have to spend 800,000 dollars per day. “One thing is keep the refinery shutdown for 100 days. And that is absorbed by Ancap’s previous results and has the financial foresight that a company like Ancap has to do to make a maintenance shutdown, and another thing is that it is multiplied by five”, he assured.

Faced with this, the union said that “this is an excuse from Ancap” and that it evidences a refinery malfunction. “That it is said that the entity loses its back due to a cut of overtime, what is exposed is a reality that cannot be operated based on overtime,” said the president of Fancap, Natalia Belo.

On the other hand, the union decided that they will not work hours extra until the next Fancap general assembly that will take place on September 14. “We are going to have another scenario, because the 12th is the date that has been set for the closing of the offers,” Belo explained.

The Portland business, “more than a business, a bargain”

The president of fancap spoke about the tender Portland business to private and assured that it is unconstitutional. “Apart from the fact that it is unconstitutional, it is not good. And as proof is the modification that was carried out on August 24, between rooster and mediastintas, the condition of investment by the private party in the statement was lowered by half,” he explained. .

Balo stressed the seriousness of the situation and that all the population should denounce it. “We understand that it is a very serious situation that must be denounced to the entire population, because here it has been suggested that a private person would come to invest and energize, and in reality that extreme is not raised,” he said and assured that “more than a business, this is a bargain.”

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