Crossfire between Carolina Cosse and the National Party for the management of the government

Crossfire between Carolina Cosse and the National Party for the management of the government

After the mayor of Montevideo, Caroline Cossereturned to target the government for its “lack of direction” last Thursday in the city of Mercedes (Soriano), he National Party He came out at the crossroads.

From the PN, they pointed out that in three and a half years of government several achievements were achieved and headlines of various media outlets were taken as a source, among which was a note from scope.com.

In addition to publishing the headlines of some news by different graphic media, the party that is part of the Multicolor Coalition He highlighted that unemployment, inflation and taxes fell; while investment and real wages rose.

In turn, they indicated that there is currently more decentralization, more export markets, a mental health plan, national health policies, a pension reform, an educational reform, the Plan Avanzar, and a record investment in infrastructure.

“Some people call it a “lack of direction”, but management kills a story,” President Luis Lacalle Pou’s party shot against Cosse through the social network.

Carolina Cosse fired at the government for the delivery of passports

The mayor of Montevideo was not far behind and picked up the gauntlet, once again criticizing the government for the increase in the number of years to retire and the drop in the purchasing power of retirees.

He also pointed out the increase in contracts in the Salto Grande Mixed Technical Commissionthe drop in purchasing power in the population, the increase of two points to the Value Added Tax (VAT), and the drop in investment in education.

Finally, Cosse went further and sarcastically commented that during the current government there was an “increase in the number of issued passports” referring to the scandals of the Astesian case and the drug dealer Sebastian Marsetcurrently a fugitive from Justice.

Source: Ambito

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