Wels FP mayor on climate glue protest: “Outrageous action”

Wels FP mayor on climate glue protest: “Outrageous action”

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CATFISH. Violent criticism came on Monday from Wels Mayor Andreas Rabl (FP) after protestants of the “last generation” blocked traffic on one of Wels’ most important commuter routes with a “climate sticker campaign”. “In my opinion, they are clearly lawbreakers. Such actions are outrageous and should be pursued with all the severity of the law. In our democracy, there are plenty of other ways to express one’s opinion,” says the Wels mayor.

The other parties in the city senate are also not very happy about the protest. The goals are legitimate, but the methods achieve “at best nothing, possibly the opposite,” says environmental and climate councilor Thomas Rammerstorfer (Greens): “We can’t take the population with us when they’re stuck in traffic.” He is always ready for talks, in terms of climate protection, Wels is on the right track. Rammerstorfer’s party colleague, municipal council member Alessandro Schatzmann, called for sensible climate protection measures to be discussed instead of the form of protest.


“Young people have legitimate concerns about the future, and they can and should make that known at protests,” says Deputy Mayor Klaus Schinninger (SP). But the procedure is incomprehensible. “It would be wiser to seek allies.”

VP City Councilor Martin Oberndorfer sees the campaign as a “disservice to all those who are committed to the climate and the future of our next generations. If professionals and families are unnecessarily stuck in traffic, you only generate resistance and no understanding.”

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