When does the patent expire and how long can I pay for it at a discount?

When does the patent expire and how long can I pay for it at a discount?
September 4, 2023 – 13:12

The cancellation on the date of the second installment of the 2023 patent of shots has a bonus of 10%.

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The payment on the date of the fifth installment of the 2023 license plate has a discount, reported the Unique Vehicle Income Collection System (Sucive)remembering that it can be done online or in person.

Vehicle owners who wish to access a 10% bonus on the value of the fee must pay it before Wednesday the 20th. Vehicle users who canceled the entire value of the license plate before the first expiration date, on January 20, agreed at a 20% discount on the final amount.

The remaining expiration of the patent fees throughout this year were set by the dirty for November 20.

Vehicle owners can check the amount they will have to pay as of this month through the website of the Unified Vehicle Revenue Collection System. You can find out the new current rates, based on the increases voted in the Mayors Congress, here.

The payment of the tax for all categories may be made through the departmental governments or at collection locations Abitab, redpaymentsor offices of the Uruguayan Mailas well as all those others that are enabled.

It should be remembered that cars and trucks prior to the year 1975 do not pay a license plate. Those registered between 1976 and 1980 will pay 2,563.13 pesos; those from the period 1981-1985 pay a fixed value of 3,844.71 pesos, while those between 1986 and 1991 pay 7,689.40 pesos.

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