the water began to flood the subway cars

the water began to flood the subway cars
September 4, 2023 – 17:51

The Spanish capital suffers one of the most intense rains in its history after the DANA phenomenon. In addition to the streets, the city’s subways were also flooded.


The storm in Spain left serious consequences in all the streets of Madrid. The step of the Dana (Isolated High Level Depression) generated important rains all over the country and the capital suffered extensive flooding.

The State Meteorological Agency had warned that the fall of water could accumulate more than 120 liters per square meter, which would represent a new historical record of precipitations and it was recommended -especially to the inhabitants of Madrid and Toledo– remain in their homes during the storm that continues this Monday.

This historic storm not only affected the streets of Madrid but also also went underground: the city ​​subways were completely flooded and they prevented the trip of the few passengers who left their house this Monday despite the rain.

Quickly, travelers recorded how a wagon was filled with water in the middle of the journey and shared the video on social networks.


Temporary in Spain: what is the DANA

All of Spain suffered important storms in recent days due to the phenomenon of Dana. Also known as “cold drop”, a DANA is an atmospheric phenomenon in which a region of the atmosphere has a much lower pressure than in surrounding areaswhich produces strong winds and abundant rainfall.

This occurs essentially in autumn and, above all, on the Mediterranean slope of the Iberian Peninsula. This is where that occurs clash of polar air, which comes from Western Europe, and the warmer and more humid air of the Mediterranean.

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