Punta del Este will host the international LGBT+ business chamber

Punta del Este will host the international LGBT+ business chamber

the mayor of maldonado, Enrique Antiaceded land for a regional headquarters to be installed LGBT+ in the department. The communal chief made the announcement within the framework of the Uruguay LGBT+ Summit Pride Connection which takes place between this Monday and Tuesday at the Enjoy hotel in east point.

The meeting brings together more than 600 participants from all over the continent, and in it topics such as entrepreneurship, inclusive communication and tourism are discussed. LGBT.

The event is organized by the Chamber of Commerce and LGBT Business of Uruguay (CCNLGBTU), with the support of the Maldonado City Hall and the Embassy of the United States in Uruguay, among others. In it, a quality seal of inclusive companies was launched LGBT+ and a job fair was held to advise people from the community on employment issues.

It was in this context that Enrique Antía “surprised” the president of the Uruguayan Chamber of Commerce and Business LGBT, Adrian Russopresenting you with the plan of the 1,567-meter property located near the Club del Lago, a few kilometers from the main Uruguayan spa.

Antía pointed out that “every America is working for more rights”, and that in this framework the department of Maldonado is a “space for meetings and search for opportunities”.

Adrian Russo told scope.com that obtaining this property is an “old dream” for the sector. “In January 2017, when we inaugurated that much smaller congress, Mayor Antía told us that he would like us to have our headquarters here. We retaliated and told him: ‘And why not a global headquarters for all the cameras, a meeting and training center?’.

“I told my colleagues from all the cameras, and they were fascinated. Today they are very excited, and six years later we are given this distinction of being able to have that 1,580 square kilometer property in a privileged place in east point“Russo added.

“I think that this is also a very intelligent look at tourism on the part of the Municipality of Maldonado,” he concluded.

The challenges of the sector

Russo argued that Uruguay is “the first country in Latin America” ​​or “the first in Latin America” ​​to achieve rights for the community LGBT+.

“Now what remains is to work on one or two laws that we are going to propose to all the presidential candidates of all the political parties, which have to do with promoting work.”

In that order, he pointed to the marriage law for non-resident foreigners, because that helps tourism and rights more, since perhaps there are people who cannot get married in other countries, but if they do Uruguay they can ask for the revalidation in their country, and that will help to advance the community.

“This also greatly encourages wedding tourism. Two people no longer come to get married, but witnesses, families and others. Parties, wedding nights, hotels, gastronomy, I think it is very important.”

The other proposal put forward is a public procurement law for minority suppliers such as people with disabilities, and that women heads of household have the possibility of continuing to undertake. Also that there be a public procurement law of the State for minority suppliers.

“Companies are beginning to become aware of the importance of people LGBTtrans women and non-binary people have the possibility of a formal and free right to work,” said Russo.

The fact of having chosen Punta del Este, and more specifically the Enjoy Hotel, has to do with the resort’s commitment to this type of tourism.

“The tourism LGBT spend more for various reasons: double income without children, the way to vacation breaking seasonality, and so on. What we do have to have as a country to offer foreign tourists is adequate communication, adequate language, with work to train officials from the inside out,” concluded the president of the Chamber of Commerce and Business LGBT.

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