the College of Accountants and Economists demanded a solution from the State

the College of Accountants and Economists demanded a solution from the State

He Association of Accountants, Economists and Administrators of Uruguay (cceau) demanded a solution at the legislative level for the Box of University Professionals (cjppu) before “the critical perspective of underfunding by 2024”.

La Cceau today shared a statement with a view to public opinion through its X (Twitter) account, where they expressed the “urgent need for the presentation and discussion of a project that is fair and that involves contributions from all parties involved” .

From the College they shared “the need to reform the social security system of the Uruguay“, and referred to the approval of Law No. 20130 of Reform of the Social Security Systemas well as the fact that it is in the process of sending the Parliament the reform of the bank account.

However, they clarified that the Cjppu does not escape the urgent needs that afflict the country’s pension system, as a result of demographic changes, the increase in tax pressure on professionals and “the mismanagement of authorities made up in part of delegates of the Executive power“.

“University professionals are required to affiliate to the Cjppu, they do not have any privileges and their retirements respond to the contributions made from the moment they have a university degree,” the statement said.

In turn, he adds that “professionals graduated from University of the Republic, for 25 years, they pay the Solidarity Fund and its additional, with which they compensate the costs of their studies; Since 2007, professionals have paid personal income tax and generally collected VAT, for which they pour a significant part of their income into the Treasury and Cjppu retirees also pay IASS”.

“Part of the VAT, personal income tax and IASS directly finance the Social Welfare Bank (BPS), while the Cjppu has never received state assistance,” the statement continued.

The Cceau demands that the State financially support the Fund of Professionals

From the Cceau they warn that “the three powers of the State are linked to the Cjppu, without receiving any consideration from them”, and that, additionally, “by art. 67 of the Constitution of the Republic, arises the obligation of the State of financial support to the social security systems without exceptions”.

For this reason, they maintain that the State cannot be oblivious to the future of the Caja de Profesionales, which is why Parliament must approve a solution before October 31 of this year. In turn, they point out that they are not yet aware of the private initiative bill of the Executive Branch that will be presented for this.

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