After a kiss scandal: Spain stars support women at the World Cup

After a kiss scandal: Spain stars support women at the World Cup
Spain international Alvaro Morata
Image: AFP

Spain’s footballers have united behind the world champions from their own country and criticized the controversial association president Luis Rubiales after his forced kiss after the final of the women’s World Cup. A statement from the team, delivered by international Alvaro Morata, said: “We would like to denounce the unacceptable behavior of Mr Rubiales, who has failed to do justice to the institution he represents.”

Spanish football “should be a source of respect, inspiration, inclusion and diversity and should lead by example in its behavior on and off the pitch,” Morata said. “We are firmly on the side of the values ​​enshrined in sport. “

The behavior of the President was “unacceptable”. The men’s team shows solidarity with the Spaniards: “We regret that their success has been marred.”

denied resignation

When honoring the winners in Sydney, Rubiales kissed the player Jenni Hermoso on the mouth against her will. As a result, the President quickly came under criticism. He apologized publicly, but vehemently refused to resign.

Most recently, Gianni Infantino, president of the world governing body FIFA, said the kiss “should never have happened”. FIFA also handed Rubiales a temporary 90-day ban.

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