Maldonado prepares the tourist season with attention paid to the crisis in Argentina

Maldonado prepares the tourist season with attention paid to the crisis in Argentina

The current instability and the effects of a sudden electoral change in Argentina of special concern to tour operators and rulers specialized in the area in the department of maldonado, a traditional destination for Argentine tourists with high purchasing power. Given this, initiatives of price freeze and the necessary commitment to other markets in the region.

“TO maldonado he has done well in all this time despite all the problems of exchange difference. And the better it goes Argentinabetter it will go to Uruguay and it’s better to go to maldonado”, the mayor pointed out emphatically in this regard Enrique Antia in dialogue with Ambit.

Argentina It can’t be worse than it is. So, a change in favor of Argentinasurely it will be a change in favor of maldonado. The department’s business community is very serious and works closely with us and with the Ministry of Tourism. Undoubtedly, he will know how to adapt in each instance, ”he added when asked about the issue within the framework of the Uruguay LGBT+ Summit Pride Connection.

For his part, the Director of Tourism of the Municipality of maldonado, martin laventureindicated that the proximity of an electoral instance in Argentina generates expectations. “It is never the best scenario, because uncertainty always paralyzes. So let’s hope that everything that is happening in Argentina and then with a new government, let’s see what happens in terms of the first measures it is going to take and what repercussions it may have not only in the season, but in the relationship with Uruguay that goes beyond a tourist season”, he defined.

He announced that the departmental government is already thinking about how to react to the possibility of a reduction of this tourism. “Today we have a significant exchange difference, we know the same about loyalty and everything that Argentines like to come to UruguayTherefore, what we can do, in addition to worrying, is to take care of ourselves,” he told this medium.

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Regarding the possibility of generating some type of “freezing” measures for prices prior to the season, as has already been suggested by the hotel sector, Laventure defined it as a matter of supply and demand. “What there is is a lower offer. I always say the same thing, there is a lot of competition and the market is the one that orders you and there is not much to do, ”he reflected.

Looking beyond the neighboring countries, but also within the local territory is in the folder of the tourism area of maldonado. “We are working particularly in the Pacific countries: Peru, Ecuador, Colombia, Chili, Paraguayan, and we never neglect internal tourism, which is important for the country and which also gives us a home. It is good that Uruguayans continue to know and enjoy Uruguayan corners,” said the chief.

At the national level, it is committed to Brazilian tourists

From the national government, the national director of Tourism, Roque Baudeansaid to Ambit that the main bet is still the argentinian tourismalthough the situation may lead to bet on other possibilities such as the arrival of a large number of visitors from Brazilas it already happened the last season.

Uruguay has loyal a high market segment of Argentina. Work is being done on promotion and also on advertising in the Argentine market on a permanent basis and we have also been working hard on what has to do with Brazil, where we come with the highest revenue numbers in all of history.

“Today we are multiplying the frequencies and the air routes with that country and in the case of southern Brazil, where a large public can also access by land”, Baudean pointed out.

Recently the Minister of Tourism, Tabare Vierareleased official figures that indicated a 30% increase in Brazilian visitors in the first months of the year, highly positive data that contrasts with the possibility of a reduction in Argentines and the strong exodus of Uruguayans to that country due to the exchange difference.

Source: Ambito

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