After cardiac arrest: resuscitation on the tennis court saved Ivo Lucic’s life

After cardiac arrest: resuscitation on the tennis court saved Ivo Lucic’s life
First aider G. Gollner, Red Cross man P. Fößleitner, I. Lucic and R. Zawrel
Image: ORK

In an emergency, knowing what to do and helping – that can save lives. This is illustrated by the story of Ivo Lucic, who suffered cardiac arrest in a tie-break in a tennis championship game. The courageous intervention of tennis colleagues and passers-by brought him back to life. A first aid course takes away the fear of doing something, gives security and is 100 percent worthwhile. The Red Cross draws attention to this on World First Aid Day on September 9th.

It happened on Friday, June 9, around 5 p.m. in Kleinreifling: The senior championship game against UTC Ried/Traunkreis was in full swing. Ivo Lucic (65) stood against his opponent in the tie-break and led.

Suddenly motionless

Out of nowhere, the athlete collapsed on the pitch and stopped breathing. His opponent and passers-by immediately rushed to him and provided first aid. “We resuscitated Ivo and also used a defibrillator,” says first aider Gerhard Gollner, describing the dramatic scenes on the red sand. With success! When the alarmed Red Cross helpers arrived a short time later, the native Croatian showed the first signs of life again. “I can still remember being put on the stretcher and seeing a rescue helicopter out of the corner of my eye,” says Lucic. After his recovery period, he visited his rescuers and thanked everyone. “Your courageous intervention saved my life,” says Ivo Lucic.

People learn how to act correctly and how easy it is to use a defibrillator in first-aid courses that are held regularly at the Red Cross offices. By the way: Shortly after the momentous tennis match, the Kleinreifling village development association booked a first aid course.

Everyone is obliged to provide first aid. People are still dying because help often comes too late. “Providing first aid must become a matter of course,” demands Red Cross President Walter Aichinger. “Doing nothing is the only thing you can do wrong in an emergency,” says Stephan Schönberger, district manager at the Red Cross Steyr-Land.

From September 25, the OÖ. Red Cross is again offering first-aid courses across the board. By offering first aid courses, the Red Cross wants to train even more people to become lifeguards. Nine out of ten Austrians would associate the Red Cross with offering first aid courses.

Information and registration for all courses in your area at: www.erstehilfe.at

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