Uruguay positioned itself as the fourth country in the world in mobile internet speed

Uruguay positioned itself as the fourth country in the world in mobile internet speed

Uruguay ranked as the fourth best country in the world in terms of mobile internet speed, according to an international index.

The country managed to climb another four places to rank 4th in the Speedtest Global Indexdated July, which is produced by the international web service Ookla.

above Uruguaywhich averages 149.08 megabits per second (Mbps), found Kuwaitwith 160.87 Mbps; Taste, with 186.35 Mbps; and United Arab Emirates (UAE) with 205.77 Mbps.

In turn, in the ranking of cities, Montevideo ranked 2nd worldwide, after climbing 7 positions with its 220.26 Mbps, and was only surpassed by dubai (UAE) with an average of 244.95 Mbps.

Regarding fixed broadband, Uruguay it ranks 21st after having fallen one step in the ranking and averaging 147.03 Mbps. In the detail by location, Montevideo ranked 25th worldwide, with an average of 155.58 Mbps.

The president of before, Gabriel Gurmendezhighlighted the “extraordinary leap” that the country had in the month of July from the launch of 5G technology, and commented that “Uruguay I’ve never been ranked so high in the world.”

“The impulse of 5G took us from the 56th place, which was where we were when this administration began, to the 4th place,” Gurméndez said.

Carolina Cosse fired against Antel’s slowness in investment matters

The mayor of Montevideo and former president of before, Caroline Cossevalued positively the position he achieved Uruguay in terms of mobile internet speed globally, but criticized the slowness of before in terms of investments.

“If the infrastructure of before that with the slowest government we have the fastest internet and we rank in the first places”, launched Caroline Cosse sarcastically in reference to the 3.5 Ghz spectrum auction held this year, which, he understands, could have already been held in 2021.

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