The Broad Front will question Arbeleche and Bustillo for the complaints about Salto Grande

The Broad Front will question Arbeleche and Bustillo for the complaints about Salto Grande
September 5, 2023 – 19:36

The opposition will take the Minister of Economy and the Chancellor to Parliament for budgetary reinforcements for the CTM.

Photo: Ministry of Foreign Affairs

The Minister of Economy and Finance, Azucena Arbeleche and his pair of Foreign Relations, Francisco Bustillo, will be questioned in the House of Representatives at the request of broad front, in the framework of complaints for alleged political clientelism, linked to the Mixed Technical Commission (CTM) of big jumpwhich heads Carlos Albisu (National Party).

The request was made by the FA deputy, Nicholas Viera, when pointing out at a press conference that the interpellation “is imposed by reality”, alluding to the criticism of the budgetary reinforcements, which motivated the intervention of the President Luis Lacalle Pou, who, in a contact with the press, warned: “If there are excesses, we will be the first to be forceful.” The initiative was finally validated by the deputies of the FA and Town meeting, Although he did not have the support of the legislators of the National Party.

For all this, saw He put the magnifying glass on the destination of the reinforcements and recalled that he has been submitting requests for reports for 3 years. “We are very concerned about the use that is given to the resources,” said the legislator about the budget that goes to the CTM.

At the same time, he questioned that the opposition does not have representation in that body and regretted that those who make it up “have a political-partisan affiliation and a militant role both within the National Party, in the Aire Fresco sector, and in the Colorado Party, in the Vamos Salto sector, led by Senator German Coutinho”.

For Viera, “there are political leaders who will have to take charge”

Through his social networks, the leader of the FA pointed out: “We will go in depth with this issue. There are political leaders who must take charge of the decisions made, starting with the President”. He even spoke out in favor of carrying out audits, something he had suggested Guido Manini Rios, leader of Town meeting.

Since that game, during the session in the Parliament, deputy Rodrigo Albernaz He spoke of “a tacit agreement of the traditional parties” not to control the binational bodies and accused them of using “legislative loopholes so that it does not happen effectively.”

Then, Viera, in a political key, assured that “it does not matter if the government more or less likes what the opposition says” and, when confirming the request for interpellation, indicated: “There are parliamentary tools and we are going to use them”. Thus, it will advance against bustillo because it is tutored by the binational organization, which responds to Uruguay and Argentina, and will point to arbeleche for being in charge of generating the budget items.

Source: Ambito

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