Schallenberg on climate adhesive: “The end does not justify all means”

Schallenberg on climate adhesive: “The end does not justify all means”
Foreign Minister Alexander Schallenberg (VP)

“I think this very small group is doing its own concerns a disservice,” said Schallenberg in the APA interview. He emphasized “as a lawyer”: “The end does not justify all means.” No one is above the law, “so it’s right that appropriate measures are taken.”

In its “Future Plan 2030”, the ÖVP provides for tougher penalties for such climate activists. Schallenberg confirmed that damage to property would have to be punished. The “Last Generation” activists would also take the risk of endangering the health and lives of other people. “I believe that such alarmism is actually harmful and tends to backfire.”

“Activities in other states make more sense”

After all, there is “an unbelievable awareness of the dangers of climate change” in Austria anyway, so such activism is not necessary. “From a global perspective, it might make more sense if there were such activities in other countries, such as India, China or Russia,” said Schallenberg, “in order to achieve a rethink there.” But it is hardly appropriate that the activists are appearing in Austria and Germany, “who are already at the top anyway, and even if they did everything right, could not bring about a turnaround globally because they have a much smaller share of emissions .”

But it is also clear “that we have to take measures,” the Foreign Minister admitted in the APA interview. As a member of the ÖVP-Green federal government, he sees every week in the Council of Ministers how the “right approach” to the topic is “struggle”. But: “We cannot endanger the industrial base. It is also about the security and stability of a society in this context.”

Asked by the APA about his personal contribution to the fight against climate change, Schallenberg said: “So professionally there are relatively narrow limits. When I think about my trips abroad, I am mostly dependent on air travel. But for example the trip to Forum Alpbach or I took the train to Prague. I don’t even own a car privately. So I think my private carbon footprint is relatively small.”

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