The president of Antel responded to the statements of Carolina Cosse and assured that he does not tell the truth

The president of Antel responded to the statements of Carolina Cosse and assured that he does not tell the truth

The president of before, Gabriel Gurmendezresponded harshly to the statements of Caroline Cossewho had slipped that the auction of the 5G held this year could have taken place two years earlier, and she assured that “as an engineer and as a technician she knows that she is not telling the truth.

Gurméndez did not hold anything back in an interview with Telemundo and aimed heavy ammunition against the criticism made by Caroline Cosseand for the management of this at the head of the Municipality of Montevideo (MI).

the mayor of Montevideo, who was once president of beforehad ensured that the current administration of before and the national government were “slow”, since in 2019 the 5G infrastructure in the 28 Gigahertz (GHz) band was ready, and that, therefore, “in 2021 a deployment could have been carried out in 2.6 GHz”.

Along these lines, I add that it caught his attention that “the 3.5 Ghz spectrum auction that could have been done in 2021 was only done in 2023”, implying “a delay of at least two years”.

For his part, Gurméndez maintained that the 2.6 GHz band “was not fully useful for before for all those messes of (Nicholas) cendoya in the Ursec (Communications Services Regulatory Unit)”.

“From a technical point of view, that belt would not have achieved the extraordinary results and speeds that we have today, something similar would have been achieved, a lucky 5G trick“, indicated the hierarch in reference to the positioning of Uruguay as the fourth best country in the world in terms of mobile internet speed, according to the Speedtest Global Index from Ookla.

The member of the Colorado Party (pc) assured that the director representing the broad front (FA) in before voted against 5G and investments concerning its infrastructure.

Gabriel Gurméndez affirmed that the Montevideo government “is 33 years late”

“When the mayor talks about the slower government, I reckon she should be referring to the Montevideo departmental government, which is already 33 years behind in solving the problem of collecting garbage and fixing potholes,” Gurméndez said.

The holder of before He went further and sarcastically commented that “if we are talking about 5G, with all the time that has passed, we should already have the fifth generation of black-necked swans in the (stream) Miguelete“, adding that he would throw out the comments of Caroline Cosse to a wastebasket, “if he can find it.”

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