Punta del Este adds a new luxury hotel option

Punta del Este adds a new luxury hotel option

Park Hotel Punta del Este It opened its doors this September with a concept of minimalist luxury, strategically located on the peninsula and with a wide range of services that go from a convention center to a first class spa.

maximum candlegeneral manager of Park Hotel Punta del Este, told Ambit that after this first stage of inauguration, the construction of a rooftop and the expansion of the relaxation area are planned. “We aim at a young public who wants to have fun, relax and live meetings and experiences,” he said.

The executive also commented on the characteristics of the tourism it will come next season. “east point receives a lot of Argentine without a doubt, but it is growing more and more Brazil and tourism outside the region is also growing a lot. We also want the Uruguayan public to bet a lot ”, he commented.

“Without a doubt, there are many people deciding to live, not because of costs and prices, but because of quality of life, this is an incredible place to live,” said the businessman who also runs St. Clare’s College Punta del Este.

“What it has is an unparalleled service at the gastronomy and hotel level, so from that a lot of content and experiences are generated that cannot be found elsewhere. Everything in a place where you are quiet, where you can go for a walk safely, you can leave the car parked anywhere. Really east point It is an extraordinary place to live”, concluded Cirio.

Park Hotel Punta del Este, whose rooms are all premium category, is located near design, art, decoration and haute cuisine venues, but also very close to the beach, which makes it an option both for those who want to vacation as for those who travel for business.

Source: Ambito

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