The Mayor of Paysandú intervened Porvenir

The Mayor of Paysandú intervened Porvenir

The Paysandú Municipality he intervened Municipality of Porvenirin a new institutional episode of the unusual confrontation that occurred between the communal chief Nicholas Olivera and the mayor Ramiro Ayende, both of the National Party, at the end of August.

What began as a strange, picturesque and striking episode in front of the Child and Family Care Center (CAIF) de Provenir, an unprecedented discussion between the nationalist mayor and mayor, now turned into a larger conflict, after Olivera’s decision to intervene the municipality in question and take control of their human and material resourcesas reported by the local media El Telégrafo.

The decision was made “for the purposes of guarantee the effective provision of local serviceswhich will be in charge and will be executed through the departmental dependencies in attention to the priorities established by the City Council, in coordination with the Decentralization Department”, maintains the resolution of the commune, and adds that this is achieved “to make up for the deficiencies of the municipal services” that “were affected in their regularity as a result of the institutional context”. The latter would be related to the confrontation between Olivera and Ayende.

In this sense, from the Administration it is understood that before the “aggravation” of this scenario, it is necessary to “guarantee the effective provision of the collection, barometric, cemetery, road maintenance, green spaces, dining room services”, among others.

For his part, Ayende was very harsh with the mayor: “In paysandu we have a dictator that it’s called Nicholas Olivera. His is a dictatorial policy, he denies me resources, he beats me up, those are the symptoms of a dictator,” he said in statements collected by local media that continued in the same direction as the accusations shouted in front of the CAIF a few weeks ago.

For his part, he broad front issued a statement in which it expressed its “repudiation” of the confrontation between the Sanducera authorities. “Publicly known actions only harm the population of Porvenir, taking the inhabitants of that area hostage, with facts that make the real problems of the people invisible,” the text says.

“Get me out of here”

The antecedent of the conflict occurred when Ayende prevented the entry of children and families to the CAIF del Provenir since, according to him, the establishment was a risk due to a high voltage cable “that he could kill all the gurises”. There Olivera had approached along with a notary, a locksmith, municipal staff and police officers from the Fourth Sectionalwith the aim of solving the episode and guaranteeing income.

However, the municipal chief remained in front of the door, filming everything that happened. “Get me out of here”, he snapped at the mayor sanducero on several occasions. “Let them enter the property that belongs to the Paysandú Municipality. In the event that you do not let us, we will request the concurrence of the public force to gain access. I hope, Mr. Mayor, that sanity prevails,” Olivera told him in a confrontation that lasted several minutes.

“The show is over, mayor,” said the mayor of Paysandú before asking the police to come to the locksmith to open the door. “Do you manipulate the public force? gentlemen neighbors, the mayor of Paysandú manipulates the public forcethis is a serious fact, that everyone knows Uruguay”, Ayende redoubled the bet, who was quickly accused of “playing a role.”

Finally, the mayor of Porvenir agreed to open the door: “I have the key and I open it.” “Let’s go up, mayor. Let’s go up, Ayende”, Olivera closed, with an ironic tone.

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