The president of Ancap ruled out a reaction to union measures for discounted hours

The president of Ancap ruled out a reaction to union measures for discounted hours

The president of the National Administration of Fuel, Alcohol and Portland (Ancap), Alejandro Stipanicic, held that the salary discounts in recent days to the workers of the state oil company of Uruguay corresponded to hours not worked, and that they were not a reaction to the measures of force carried out by the union.

The Ancap Federation (Fancap) remains firm with its decision not to work overtime during the maintenance shutdown of the refinery the tile —which will inevitably result in the prolongation of the work and, therefore, of the time in which the plant will be out of operation—; and he accused the board of directors of the oil company of retaliating against the workers who claim against the association with private parties in the portland business.

However, Stipanicic responded to the criticism, noting that “they discounted hours not workedThose who don’t work don’t get paid”. “That is the basic principle, there is no cruelty. There is no reaction to union measures”, he explained to Channel 10.

“We are acting in accordance with the law and we have had enough patience, as in the month of August we were deducting time not worked that occurred between January and May past. That is the patience we have had,” added Stipanicic, who added that the discounts are only now being made since fancap withdrew from the tripartite negotiation with the government.

When the counterparty abandons a scope of dialogue in which was present the undersecretary of the Ministry of Labor, the National Director of Labor, the National Deputy Director of Labor, the president of the PIT-CNT, president, general director and a director of Ancap, and the union abandons that and says that there is nothing more to talk about, if there is nothing more to talk about then we feel free to take all the measures that we had contained, showing that good will that they are now demanding of us. The good will has already been demonstrated, it is in the facts”, concluded Stipanicic.

No compensation for non-essential personnel

On the other hand, the Ancap board of directors resolved to suspend the passage to the maintenance area of ​​about 120 refining operators who would work in the unit stoppage, as they had requested.

In addition, these officials will begin to work in fixed shift —from 7 to 15 according to the general work regime for the personnel assigned to the strike of units—, therefore it is also will stop applying the compensations associated with the rotating integral tourism of all non-essential refining personnel. This means that of 280 workers, some 200 —who do not carry out essential tasks for the supply of fuel to the population— they will lose a large percentage of their wages; in some cases, up to half.

The measure was communicated after Fancap postponed until next week the representative assembly that was to be held yesterday, and that could put an end to the work by regulation, allowing workers to work overtime —and for maintenance to be carried out in the originally stipulated time.

“These provisions set up another affectation of workers’ rights which can only be understood as reprisal to the definitions that we have taken as a collective in the fight against the largest privatization within a state entity in the last 30 years,” the union said in a statement.

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