Uruguayan diplomats in the UAE recommended not giving the passport to Sebastián Marset

Uruguayan diplomats in the UAE recommended not giving the passport to Sebastián Marset

Uruguayan diplomats in United Arab Emirates (UAE) recommended in 2021 not to give the Uruguayan passport to the drug trafficker and fugitive from Justice, Sebastian Marsetwhile he was deprived of his liberty in that Arab country.

The Uruguayan ambassador to the UAE, Alvaro Cerianiand the ex-consul in dubai and current deputy consul of Uruguay in San Francisco (USA), Fiorella Pradothey had suggested waiting for Sebastian Marset released from prison to grant him the Uruguayan document, this being rejected by the authorities in Montevideo.

This information emerged from a series of conversations published this Wednesday by El Observador, and which are being analyzed by the prosecutor for Economic and Complex Crimes, Alexander Machado.

“My opinion was, let’s wait for him to be released. What use would his passport be if he is deprived of liberty?” Prado said in the internal investigation of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MRREE), adding that “unless an ulterior motive is sought, thanks to that passport, (Sebastian Marset) will be able to go free”.

In turn, he indicated that he received two emails from the department of Travel Documentation where they were asked to process the passport.

“The doctor (Alexander) Balbi He expressed it to me, he asked me to notify him when everything is in the system because he was going to request it in DNIC (National Directorate of Civil Identification)”, Prado commented on the current president of the National Football Club.

For his part, Ceriani considered it prudent “to wait for the trial he was conducting to be completed (Sebastian) marset“, this was already “common sense” because the drug trafficker was in prison for carrying false Paraguayan documentation.

Sebastián Marset’s wife pressured diplomats in the UAE

In another order, it was also possible to verify that the drug dealer’s wife, Gianina Garcia Trochesent several emails to Prado since October 25, 2021, requesting to know the requirements to speed up the process of her husband’s Uruguayan passport.

Likewise, the brother of Sebastian Marset began to send emails about 5 days before García Troche, to provide the consulate with a Certificate of Judicial Record that the defense of the narco had issued months ago in Uruguay. The insistence of the messages was due to the fact that the intention was to present it at a hearing scheduled for November 2.

“Gianina, I ask you please, don’t pressure me,” Prado replied at the insistence of the messages, and clarified that he was doing everything in his power. “I haven’t been able to talk to UruguayI’m trying to communicate. When they give me the ok of the note, I’ll let you know,” she commented.

Given this, García Troche replied that she was not trying to bother or pressure Prado, but that the number of messages was due to the “desperation” she was going through with her children due to her husband’s situation.

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