Elon Musk: “My father knew how to spread fear and terror”

Elon Musk: “My father knew how to spread fear and terror”
Elon Musk

An excerpt published in advance by Stern magazine on Thursday mentions an episode in which Musk was badly beaten by other guys and was hospitalized as a result.

Afterward, he looked “like a swollen ball of raw meat,” Musk’s brother Kimbal recalls in the book. However, his father Errol sided with the main attacker because he recently lost his father.

After Musk was released from the hospital, his father scolded him, it said. “I had to stand there for an hour while he yelled at me, called me a moron and told me I wasn’t worth anything,” Musk recalled in the bio. “He definitely knew how to spread fear and terror,” he is quoted as saying.

The tech entrepreneur inherited post-traumatic stress disorder from his childhood, biographer Walter Isaacson wrote in the book “Elon Musk. The Biography”, which will be published on September 12. Isaacson was in close contact with Musk for months. He had previously written, among other things, a biography of Apple founder Steve Jobs.

Musk had already accused his father in the past. In a 2017 interview with Rolling Stone magazine, he described him as a “terrible person” who had committed almost every crime you could think of.

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