Diversion of a river causes conflict on the border between the Dominican Republic and Haiti

Diversion of a river causes conflict on the border between the Dominican Republic and Haiti

The Government of the Dominican Republic ordered today the closure of the border with Haiti in its northern strip, in response to disagreements over the construction of a canal by a private company, that could divert water from the Massacre River to the neighboring French-speaking nation.

“Haitian citizens are sealing the passage of water from the Massacre river, as demanded by the Dominican Government, after the border closure executed by the Land Border Security Corps (Cesfront) by order of President Luis Abinader,” reported the spokesman for the Presidency, Homero Figueroa, through an account on the social network X (formerly Twitter).

The announcement supposes the cessation of the cause that originated the last border conflict.

The Dominican Foreign Ministry reported on Sunday that the Abinader government had requested the Haitian authorities to immediately stop the works on a canal carried out by private individuals.

This work sought to divert the waters of the Massacre River, 55 kilometers long and which since 1776 traces the border in its northern part.

The hydraulic work could cause negative effects to agricultural producers of the two countries, and for this reason Santo Domingo’s concern, stated the statement from the Foreign Ministry, quoted by the Sputnik agency.

The Dominican Foreign Minister, Roberto Álvarez, indicated that the artificial channel violates three legal instruments: the Treaty of Peace and Perpetual Friendship and Arbitration of 1929, the Border Agreement of 1935 and the Border Review Protocol of 1936.

Haitian Prime Minister Ariel Henry expressed his concern about these construction works and emphasized that the project does not have a governmental character.

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