Handy-Park-App: Changeover from Handyparken to EasyPark planned from the beginning of 2024

Handy-Park-App: Changeover from Handyparken to EasyPark planned from the beginning of 2024
Mobile phone parking is to be largely replaced by EasyPark.

This was announced at a press conference on Thursday. Parking fees have been paid by app or SMS in Austria via Handyparken for more than 20 years. A partner for new requirements has now been found in the European market leader for digital parking. Step by step, EasyPark would like to include all mobile phone parking cities and municipalities in its offer, with the exception of the city of Vienna, where the previous solution is to remain the primary solution.

So far, drivers in 85 cities have been able to pay via EasyPark. “By the end of the year we want to be present in around 120 Austrian communities and thus become the Austrian number 1 for parking apps. We are pleased to be able to continue the pioneering work of A1 in the field of smart parking space management in Austria,” said Markus Heingärtner, head of Easy Park in Austria. Anyone who now uses mobile phone parking and is then affected by a change has no need for action at the moment: you will be informed about the change in good time.

EasyPark also new in Steyr and Gmunden

EasyPark is represented in all neighboring countries as well as, for example, in France, Sweden, Norway and Belgium. The parking process can be started, extended or stopped in the app with a single click. In most municipalities, minute-by-minute billing is possible. All common means of payment – SEPA direct debit, credit cards, PayPal and Apple Pay – are accepted.

To date, both options have been available in 28 cities. In addition to Eisenstadt, the provincial capital of Burgenland, completely new EasyPark cities are to be developed, such as Gleisdorf (Styria), Steyr and Gmunden (Upper Austria) as well as Wiener Neustadt and Baden (Lower Austria).

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