Andrés Lima pointed out the national government for the crisis on the coast

Andrés Lima pointed out the national government for the crisis on the coast

the mayor of Leap and leader of Frente Amplio, Andrés Lima, pointed out the government for its “lack of action” in relation to the situation experienced in the coastal departments of Uruguay by exchange difference with Argentina, especially at the employment level: “You choose not to do anything,” he said.

The exchange difference with Argentina and the exodus of Uruguayans who, every day, cross the border to take advantage of the lower prices on products and services in the neighboring country are one of the main problems faced today Uruguay, and that mainly affects the coastal departments, but extends to the entire national economy.

The minister of Work and Social Security (MTSS), Pablo Miereswho assured that people in the border area who make their purchases in Argentina “you are shooting yourself in the foot” due to the impact that this consumption diversion has in it local labor market. “People immediately want to take advantage of that price advantagebut in the end he is shooting himself in the foot, because that is going to affect the work of his family, friends, neighbors,” he said at a press conference.

Lima responded to these statements through his Twitter account, which did not hesitate to point out the responsibility of the national government in the critical situation that exists both in the department he directs and in its coastal neighbors: “Minister Mieres, more than a shot in the foot, what is happening on the northern coast and in Salto is that with their lack of action The government is leaving hundreds of Uruguayans without jobs and founding entrepreneurs who close their businesses,” he noted.

This situation was once again reflected in the unemployment levels in the area. although in Artigas, Leap, paysandu and Black river, Employment indices improved between May and June, they continue to be the highest figures in the country, above two figures. In this sense, the last disaggregated report of the National Institute of Statistics (INE), Río Negro registered 13.4% unemployment; Paysandú, 11.3%; Artigas, 11.3%; and Jump, 12.8%.

“It has been more than a year since we warned and gave them proposals. “You choose not to do anything,” added the Broad Front mayor.


Smuggling increases from Argentina

The deputy of Colorado Party (PC), Nibia Reichnational representative for Colognewarned about the increase in merchandise smuggled from Argentina in his department, and requested a meeting with the president Luis Lacalle Pou to alert you to the situation.

Reisch assured at a press conference that “we are seeing vans and trucks that are carrying merchandise from Argentina and they are being marketed in our country”, meaning this “unfair competition for the merchants themselves (in the border departments) who pay taxes bps, DGIand all other services.

The legislator for Cologne assured that local merchants “are making the first steps to be able to stay on their feet with this exchange difference”, so he conveyed his concern to the national director of Customs (Jaime Borgiani), and requested a meeting with President Lacalle Pou.

“Although economic measures cannot be taken to fix the situation of the exchange rate difference with Argentina, we understand that there must be better controls,” said the Colorado representative. Likewise, she indicated that what was verified includes towns in the eastern part of the department, but she will also contact the commercial centers in the west and the city of Colonia.

“I don’t know if it is happening in other departments, I can speak from the evidence that we have,” said the legislator, who slipped that they are experiencing the situation “with concern.”

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