The PIT-CNT approved the ballot for the plebiscite against the social security reform

The PIT-CNT approved the ballot for the plebiscite against the social security reform

The Representative Table of the PIT-CNT approved by a large majority the ballot for a reform of the Constitution within the framework of the plan to combat social security reform in Uruguay, which already began to be implemented in August.

After the union center approved by a fair majority—16 votes out of 44—the carrying out of the social security plebiscitea smaller working group addressed the ballot content which will be available during the next general elections. It was approved in the expanded Representative Board with greater support than the initiative itself, with 44 votes in favor, 4 abstentions and 10 votes to postpone the decision.

“The Board has agreed on the content of the ballot that we are going to be promoting, giving it legal form, taking into account the technical requirements and where the retirement age at 60 years old, retirement tied to national minimum wage and the elimination of individual savings, AFAP and profit,” said the president of PIT-CNT, Marcelo Abdala.

The mobilization in solidarity with the president of FFOSE

He PIT-CNT He also decided to mobilize in solidarity with the president of the Federation of OSE Officials (FFOSE), Federico Kreimerman, who was charged today with the crime of especially aggravated attack for lighting a smoke bomb in the central building of the state company on June 13, within the framework of a demonstration against the Arazatí Project.

The decision of the Representative Board was unanimous, as confirmed by Abdala, and he explained that a “peaceful demonstration” would be held against “the judicialization of union measures” and in solidarity with FFOSE and Kreimerman.

In a statement published hours before, the PIT-CNT He assured that he “observes with great concern” the decision of the Prosecutor’s Office to “submit to criminal justice” an “episode linked to a manifestation that it did not generate any type of damage, neither material nor human, classified as a crime” and that it did not “have any significance” in the decision of the OSE authorities on the Arazatí Project.

“This attitude is clearly the judicialization of social protestthis time, exercised by the union movement,” criticized the organization.

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