The US issued the whiskey code alert: what is it about?

The US issued the whiskey code alert: what is it about?
September 7, 2023 – 15:02

It is due to Hurricane Lee, a phenomenon that is approaching the coasts of Central America. The authorities alert the population and recommend how to take care of themselves.

While different weather phenomena affect a large part of Europe, the Central American Caribbean is preparing to receive Hurricane Lee, which could become the first Category 5 of the season. It is expected to hit the lesser antillesthe British Virgin Islands and of USAand also to Puerto Rico during this weekend.

This is why the United States Coast Guard San Juan set this Wednesday the Whiskey code for all seaports in Puerto Rico and the US Virgin Islands. “The cyclone environment seems ideal for a rapid intensification“, they assured from the National Hurricane Center of Miami.

When it was just starting, meteorologists did not expect Lee to make landfall, as it was more than 1,500 kilometers of the coast. However, the winds of up to 130 kilometers per hour They predicted a hurricane high intensity and “extremely dangerous”which is expected to arrive in the early hours of friday.


The satellite image shows the progress and intensity of Hurricane Lee.

The satellite image shows the advance and intensity of the Hurricane Lee.

It is not yet known whether this phenomenon will directly affect the continental USbut – even if the hurricane stays away from the coast – dangerous surf and rip currents will threaten the East Coast.

Based on its current trajectory, the system would pass near the northeastern Caribbean, although meteorologists warned of possible tropical storm conditions on some islands. Experts said it was too early to make rainfall and flurries estimates of wind.

What is the US Whiskey code?

He code “Whiskey” It is a notice that is usually used in the maritime industryand it means that they must to take precautions in the proximity of a severe atmospheric eventin this case Hurricane Lee.

This state is set 72 hours before of the threat of storm winds, although all maritime operations, port and the vessel transit they can continue until further notice. However, the Coast Guard recalled that sustained winds can occur and advised recreational boats to look for safe harbor.

At the same time, he reminded port facilities to review and update their response plans to severe weather conditions and make the additional preparations necessary to adequately prepare in the event of a possible impact in the storm zone.

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