Carlos Albisu resigned from the Mixed Technical Commission of Salto Grande

Carlos Albisu resigned from the Mixed Technical Commission of Salto Grande

Carlos Albisupresident of the delegation Uruguayan of the Joint Technical Commission (CTM) from Salto Granderesigned today from his position after the controversy over direct hiring within the binational organization and pointed out that “we have surely made mistakes,” although he assured that these errors occurred “within the law.”

The member of the National Party (PN) called a press conference in Leap to make public his decision to leave the CTM, after the president Luis Lacalle Pou referred to the situation. However, the now former leader said that he would request to leave his position.

Albisu He admitted to the press: “Surely we made mistakes, but we always stayed within the law.” Along the same lines, he questioned an “opportunistic use” on the part of the broad front to “attack” the government.

“There is a greater good here and that is what we are taking care of with this,” said the leader, in reference to not coloring the management of the organization with suspicion. Multicolored Coalition. Regarding his political future, he warned: “We are going to continue being there, from the plain.”

Lacalle Pou promised to investigate and they will question Arbeleche and Bustillo

Lacalle Pou He had already assured in the last few hours that he was not going to hesitate in making decisions about the CTM of Salto Grande, and that the Executive power He was investigating each of the contracts individually.

“If there are excesses, we will be the first to be forceful about it. I do not rule out some exaggerated practice. What we criticize about others, we cannot defend,” he had stated. Lacalle Pou.

Amid accusations of political clientelism, the deputy of the broad front (FA), Nicolás Viera, will question the Minister of Economy and Finance (MEF), Azucena Arbelecheand to the minister of External relationships (MRREE), Francisco Bustillofor hiring within the organization.

In the FA they are convinced that there was political clientelism in Salto Grande

From the opposition party they assure that in the last 3 years some 35 officials joined by direct appointment, while in the 15 years of government of the FA direct hires were 7.

In addition, questions will be asked about the extra budget item of 200 million pesos that was awarded to the Uruguayan delegation in Big jump, which was indicated to be intended for “operating costs.”

The senator and leader of Town meeting (AC), Guido Manini Ríosmaintained before the press that Albisu’s resignation was a step to be taken, and that we should wait to see what happens with the designated positions in the CTM.

Source: Ambito

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