at least one dead and hundreds evacuated

at least one dead and hundreds evacuated
September 8, 2023 – 09:52

They are the heaviest rains since at least 1884. Authorities asked people to stay at home.


Rains of record intensity provoked major floods in Hong KongChina, after the territory was seen hit by a typhoonand They left at least one dead and hundreds of evacuees in the territory. According to weather agency, up to 158.1 millimeters of water fell per hourjust before midnight (local time), which represented the highest intensity of rain since 1884.

The storm damagewhich occurs once every 500 years“, as described by the Hong Kong Chief Secretary Eric Chanwill be evaluated once floods go down. According to weather agencyare heavy rainfall are related to the low atmospheric pressure left by the passage of Typhoon Haikui.

In turn, the authorities reported that several neighborhoods had been flooded and that the emergency services had to carry out rescue operations. Furthermore, they were forced to cut off road and train trafficand classes were suspended at all educational levels.


Storm It was so strong and sudden that we could not act and issue early warnings as was done with super typhoon Saola” that hit the territory a week ago, Chan said.

Health authorities indicated that more than one hundred people were hospitalized for injuries sustained during the storm, four of them severity from falls and traffic accidents.

Typhoon Haiku left 36 thousand evacuees

He Typhoon Haikuithe eleventh of this year, made landfall this Tuesday morning in the coastal areas of Fujian and Guangzhou provinces in southeastern China. The rains caused forced evacuate more than 36 thousand peopleto suspend classes and public transport.

Between Tuesday and Wednesday, 925 locations from around the provincial capital, Fuzhou, recorded rainfall greater than 250 millimeterswith a maximum of 439.7 millimeters in Gaishan, reported the local media Global Times.

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