Five dead after a famous luxury hotel elevator falls

Five dead after a famous luxury hotel elevator falls

Five people died after a famous elevator fell around 100 meters and hit a wall, Ayuterra Resort luxury hotel last Friday, in Bali, Indonesia. The victims were site workers and they had between 19 and 24 yearsaccording to The New York Times.

The security cameras of the accommodation They captured the moment of the tragedy. According to The Guardian, two of the employees died on the spot and the remaining three on the way to the hospital. He elevator, after falling, collided with a wall and was destroyed.

It was possible to identify the deceased such as: Sang Putu Bayu Adi Krisna, Wayan Aries Setiawan, Ni Luh Superningsih, Kadek Hardiyanti and Kadek Yanti Pradewi.

As can be seen in the video, The employees entered the elevator went up a few meters and In seconds it broke off and fell around 100 meters, until hitting the ground floor.

He hotel cook, Ketut Suwiarta, told local media that he heard the screams of his companions before the roar. For his part, the chief of police of the town of Ubud, Made Uderexplained that “The steel rope holding the elevator seemed not to be strong enough to propel it upward. Likewise, the safety wedge or the elevator brake did not seem to work either, which caused it to continue sliding downward.“.

What the authorities said

He Deputy Governor of Bali, Cok Aceshowed a permit in which he demonstrated that he elevator had been declared as “a safe means of transportation” during inspections routine tests that were carried out in November 2022.

While seeking to clarify the facts, resort guests were moved to an alternative hotel. For his part, the owner of Ayuterra Resortoffered to cover funeral costs and give them four thousand dollars to families of the deceased, such as economic compensationas long as they do not take legal action.

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