The mountains are floating

The mountains are floating
Eva and Egon Oberluggauer run the resort.
Image: (wellness resort)

Float the mountains? You inevitably get that feeling when you look out into the mountains in the warm infinity pool of the 4-star S-Hotel Almwellness-Resort Tuffbad in St. Lorenzen in a bright side valley of the Lesachtal (www.almwellness.com). By the way, the water is the most precious mineral water from the seven Tuffbad springs a few meters behind the hotel. Fathers discovered the healing properties in the 18th century, and in 1972 the calcium-magnesium-sulfate-bicarbonate spring was declared a healing resource.

The Tuffbad, run by Eva and Egon Oberluggauer since 2003 and extensively remodeled in 2019, is an oasis of well-being: tastefully designed rooms and chalets, a varied spa world with more than 2000 m2 and eleven saunas, various wellness treatments (recommendation: “forest massage “), the most delicious organic food, prepared according to the principles of Slow Food and awarded the “Green Toque” from regional and high-quality ingredients. The service is noticeably warm. No wonder, because “for me this is a place of power, also because of the warm encounter between guest and team,” says boss Eva Oberluggauer. She runs the 115-bed house according to holistic principles. It should even be energy self-sufficient by 2028; heat pumps are already generating climate-friendly electricity. The employees are from the region, the guests are 60 percent Austrian, especially Carinthians – so it’s still an insider tip for non-locals.

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