The rental price accumulates an interannual variation of 6.47%

The rental price accumulates an interannual variation of 6.47%
September 8, 2023 – 16:51

The INE indicator showed a monthly increase of 0.45%. Montevideo continues to be the most expensive department.

The price of the rentals showed an interannual variation of 6.47% in July, with an increase of 0.45% when compared to the previous measurement, so that the average price remained at 18,768 pesos, according to the latest report from Real Estate Activity Indicators of the INE.

Comparatively, the variation in July 2022 was 5.25% compared to the same month in 2021, with a similar monthly advance, in the order of 0.47%, the survey specified. Regarding the number of lease contracts, there were a total of 85,165 in force in July, which is equivalent to 1.17% more than the same month last year.

Of the total, 77.48% corresponds to Montevideo, which with 65,982 contracts registered a year-on-year variation of 1.25%. They were much further behind Cannelloni, with 11.60%, Saint Joseph (1.86%), Maldonado (1.57%), Paysandu (1.33%) and Cologne (1.23%).


Montevideo continues to be the most expensive apartment to rent

Montevideo It remains the most expensive apartment, with an average price of 19,509 pesos. They complete the podium cannelloni with an average of 18,202 pesos, and Maldonado with one of 17,484 pesos, with Peach close, since it reached 17,164 pesos.

The survey data is not surprising, since a report from Mercado Libre Uruguay carried out almost two months ago showed that the Uruguayan capital continues to be one of the most attractive options, with the neighborhood of Wells as the one with the greatest demand, followed by Cord and Center.

On the other side of the table, the cheapest apartment in the entire country was once again long hillwith an average rent of 12,235 pesos, followed by Riverawith one of 12,313 pesos, Lavalleja, with one of 12,517 pesos and Cologne, with 12,609 pesos.

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