what Choquequirao is like, the hidden Machu Picchu of the Cordillera

what Choquequirao is like, the hidden Machu Picchu of the Cordillera
September 9, 2023 – 2:53 p.m.

Did you know about the existence of hidden ruins in Cusco? The city is an opportunity for lovers of walking.


Macchu Picchu and its ruins are one of the most desired destinations for any tourist who wants to visit the Destinations most captivating in the world. However, what not many know is that there is a alternative to the historic Inca landscape: Choquequirao, he “another Machu Picchu” of Peruan area with few visitors and what is hidden at one point of the Mountain range of the Andes.

“The other Machu Picchu” either “the younger sister of Machu Picchu”. The site and archaeological park of Choquequirao, located in the Department of Cuscois also an Inca ruin very similar to Machu Picchu but without the necessary fame.



Choquequirao, the hidden gem of Peru

Although the function of Choquequirao is not known with certainty, it is estimated that in the past it served as a sacred center, which served to connect Pisac and Machu Picchu with the Peruvian Amazon.

Despite its lack of knowledge, the citadel seems to show features of society: tourists will be able to find there a upper main plaza, buildings, fountains, warehouses, giant stairs, sacred corralshouses of the rulers, a temple of the triumphal wall, a temple of priests, different types of monumental platforms and even a political-religious center.

According to tourism agencies, people will be able to visit Choquequirao at through a flight of one hour and 15 minutes to Lima-Cusco, a bus trip to the Cachora district (Apurímac) and then a little more than 30 kilometers of walk.



The main obstacles to visiting the hidden ruins of Peru

What is the main obstacle of Choquequirao? His accessibility. The citadel requires a certain time of effort, since all the routes that lead to it have a two- to three-day walking tour. For that, tourists who want to see the hidden ruins must first fly by plane to Cusco.

The other limitation focuses on the physical, given that Not any tourist can take that tour without first preparing the body, ready to face heights of up to 3,000 meters above sea level with very low temperatures.

An unprepared person could suffer the mountain sickness, better known in Peru as “soroche”. With possibility of deathvisitors who are not fit may suffer from certain symptoms such as headache, nausea, difficulty breathing and, in addition, the inability to do physical activity.

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