Monzeglio assured that there are shipping companies interested in cruises that link Rosario and Montevideo

Monzeglio assured that there are shipping companies interested in cruises that link Rosario and Montevideo
September 10, 2023 – 12:38

The Undersecretary of Tourism assured that a cruise would take place that would link Uruguay with Argentina through the river.

Photo: Municipality of Montevideo

Remo Monzeglio, Undersecretary of Tourismassured that there are international shipping companies interested in carrying out the project of a tourist cruise between Uruguay and Argentina through the river, which would link the city of rosary beads with Montevideo.

“There is a positive expectation to carry out this possibility because we are having consultations from river tourism shipping companies and I believe that at this time Montevideo, Rosario, Colonia and Buenos Aires “They can be an excellent destination,” explained the Uruguayan undersecretary of tourism to the Argentine media ON24, during his stay in Hamburg where he is participating in the cruise convention. Seatrade Europe.

In this sense, the leader assured that it is a project that has been attempted for several years, but has never been achieved. “We want explore this alternativewe are open to that” explained Monzeglio.

The necessary studies

To carry out this initiative, the undersecretary explained that several studies are necessary to verify if the rivers are suitable for boats with passengers to move. That is why he advanced that Uruguay had conversations with tourism development manager of the New Rosario River Terminal, Ricardo Terán.

Terán, assured the Argentine media La Capital that “the Administrative Entity of the Port of Rosario (Enapro), in collaboration with naval Prefecture and the Argentina Armycarried out studies that confirmed that navigable waterways are suitable for safe travel for passenger transportation.”

With this, Monzeglio assured that with the authorities of the city of rosary beads They are carrying out bathymetry in Colonia to determine how far from the coast the ships could land and their draft. “There are several interested operators, which are companies that have ships for about 1,000 passengers maximum, so, with the bathymetry studies that we are carrying out, the idea is that the ships can dock as close to the coast as possible,” explained Monzeglio.

On the other hand, he highlighted the potential of the city of Cologne regarding tourist boats by establishing that it is “a high point in a cruise circuit.” The leader announced that the city is negotiating the first arrival of a international cruise. “If that is achieved, we think that it can also be extended to Rosario or even to other cities,” he remarked.

Source: Ambito

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